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By far best value and quality in Surf rod at this price

Got the rod a couple weeks ago and finally got to do some test casts. Here are the pros and cons I've deduced.
-12 damn feet long
-casts a mile. If you're using braid you must tape your casting finger so that when you apply pressure to cast the line doesn't cut into your finger.
-very sturdy rod yet sensitive and responsive enough to feel bites from tiny interference fish
-the bottom of the rod looks just like a tsunami airwave, in terms of grip tape and butt of the rod.
Cons (sort of):
- after a year of use the guide at the tip developed a crack but customer service was more than helpful and took care of it immediately, politely, and at no cost
- With the value you get and the top notch quality service it will be hard not to buy more

For $60 you get a phenomenal bait chunking rod or heavy lure rod that casts a mile. I recommend a minimum of a 5000 size reel (Penn sizing, which is equivalent of daiwa 4000)

Update: Been using this rod for two years now and I'm very impressed. I got used to handling a 12ft rod and the quality for price is amazing. Pulled in a 30+ pound cownose ray at one point without a problem, and I used the butt of the rod to push the ray back into the water (turns out cownose rays are nearly harmless, but better safe than sorry).
After a year the only problem that ever came up was the smallest guide cracking and customer service took care of it by the time I could write a thank you email.

There's no other surfcasting rod brand of such quality at this price point. Tsunami and tika charge more for similar spec rods, are very difficult to buy online, and tsunamis from my experience are far more fragile than my Fiblink rod. I will be purchasing a 10ft model from Fiblink for lure use.