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Far better quality and size than i expected

Customer Revie:

        This is a keeper for someone who wants a nicely built net whose handle telescopes out to reach for fish, chickens or even frogs that are within its >8.5 feet of reach.
         If you use some common sense bringing in your catch, you can safely land a 10 to 20 lb fish. If you don't use common sense, you can break the net/pole with just a 5 lb. fish, and blame the net, and not yourself for such failure.

        So, when you get a fish within the net, bring the net and fish closer to you by pulling the long handle backwards, keeping the net and the heavy fish in the water, until the fish/net are close to you, rather than trying to lift your catch out of the water when it's furthest away from you. That's just putting less stress on the long handle.

       The net is far bigger, wider and longer than I expected, and that's a good thing for a fisherman. I bought this for its long reach and telescoping down, to easily transport and store it. There are tradeoffs in having a telescoping and folding net, rather than a long, solid aluminum or steel handled net. Your choice.

        To pack up the net, the net collapses by pushing on the plastic button at its base, and folding the net up. Then telescope the long handle to shorten it.

        Treat the net with respect, and it could last a few years, depending on your use and talents as a fisherman and net user!