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Fiblink Catfish Fishing Rods 7'6

Fiblink Catfish Fishing Rods 7'6"/9'/12'Catfish Pole 1 Piece/2 Piece Portable Travel Cat Catfishing Casting Rod (Medium Heavy/Heavy/Extra Heavy)

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  • Excellent Design---Fiblink catfish rods was designed to meet the needs of active catfishing anglers. Sensitivity and strong glass and carbon firber blanks, double foot welded stainless steel guides, and grippy EVA handles and cork grip for improved feel while fighting the catch. Full length fighting handle to control big cats and you’ll feel the difference.
  • Non-slip EVA & Cork Handle--The contrast between the red finish is accented with black and white features as they blend perfectly into the cork handle and eva handle.Cork foregrip and EVA rear grip provide a non-slip grip and unique durability,and easily wipes down at the trip.
  • Sensitivity & Strong---Made from a blend of carbon and fiberglass, this fishing rod offers exceptional strength and sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the slightest of bites, increasing your chances of catching the fish you need. It can take on a tremendous amount of force, while still maintaining a controllable rod when fighting a fish.
  • Premium Components---Double wrapped stainless steel guides for ultimate durability and super-smooth casting, it can withstand the abrasion of thick braided lines.The Aluminum reel seat with double lock ensures your reel is secure and stable, and the aluminum reel seat features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel cover. Heavy-duty hook keeper is a humanized design which is very convenient.
  •  1 Piece/2 Piece Design---Fiblink Catfish Fishing Rods are available in 7'6"/9'/12' size options, including 4 casting rod models, with 1-piece and 2-piece designs.1 piece catfish rod are more sensitive and less likely to separate or break when casting or fighting with fish;2 piece catfish rod is easy to transport and can be easily put into a vehicle or boat.